We are fired up by a culture of holistic inclusion; where leaders inspire collaboration – making UBUNTU real.

This is the “why” that makes us passionate and excited every day.


Beyond Coaching believes in people, and their power to be magnificent. When that depth of potential is awakened and nurtured by visionary and conscious leaders, companies expand into unprecedented success.


We want to see people happy, living fulfilling lives, adding value to the businesses that they work for, led by leaders that are inspiring and as committed to their people, as they are to profits.


Beyond Coaching sees a world where businesses build their success and values around their people first, and live into these every day. Where companies contribute to the planet and to its people, as much as it builds exponential success.


We want to see companies lead by people with vision, who are self-aware, inclusive, integrity and a commitment to evolving leadership, and spearheading disruption.

We want to play a role in making this happen.

Bert Vanderwegen

Thanks to his coaching I made a few very important decisions that have already made a huge positive impact in my life. And it’s not finished yet. I’m still working with Mark on other aspects of my life and I still feel and appreciate his standing for my greatness.

Neil Müller (Head of Operations, L’Oreal)

What you see is what you get.Passionate, energetic, calling a thing a thing, authentic and caring a coach that really wants you to be the best you can be and bring the best out of the people around you.I would recommend the Beyond Coaching team to any leader that wants to bring the best out of themselves as well as out of the team.