Our Story

Since 2015 the Beyond Coaching logo has been inspired by a mandala. The mandala symbolises the connections that exist between us and everything that surrounds us.

Mandalas can be seen in all fundamental shapes such as in snails and trees, in atoms and the solar system and in the earth, moon and sun. Every mandala is related, yet distinctly unique. On a more symbolic level, the mandala is recognised in some way or another in almost every culture and religion.

For us at Beyond Coaching, the mandala lies at the heart of the Self… It is the centre of our inter-connectedness with everyone and everything around us. It speaks to the eco-systems that we exist in in the companies we work in, the people we work with, lead and inspire. It also manifests in our personal circles, our friends, family and the communities we exist in.

The mandala embodies a truly universal principle that is all embracing, regardless of the foundation of one’s belief. It symbolises the connections that exist between us and everything that surrounds us.

More than anything it represents Wholeness and our African value of uBuntu.

This is what drove us to form Beyond Coaching in 2009, when 21 like-minded coaches and trainers pulled together in the possibility of forming a coaching and training movement. One that is powered by Consciousness and committed to transforming the face of leadership and business. Bringing true collaboration, cohesion and mutual care back into the work place – for the sake of the people and of course for the sake of exponential business success.

Rienzo Colpo was one of those founders he navigated the metamorphosis of that Beyond Coaching, to the lean and powerful force that it is today.

Early in 2016 Mareli Kruger decided to move across from the University of Pretoria and join Beyond Coaching. This completed the foundation of  senior coaches and master facilitators heading up the company.

Core  Delivery  Team

Rienzo Colpo

Me in 5 words

Reconnecting people to their greatness

My Essence


Why I do what I do

I do what I do because I want to change the face of performance. Business performance is historically built at the cost of people and their living their purpose. I want to see leadership and business inspiring people to step into their full potential, to live lives that matter. I want to see people loving their lives and collectively contributing to one another’s success.

What inspires passion in me

Life! It is a wonderful adventure. So often we allow ourselves to disappear from life; from LIVING life. Living life fully. What I love to wake up for in the morning, is inspiring people to connect fully to themselves, heal and move on from their past. So that they can embrace an ecstatic today. To Live Life Always.

My Facilitation and Coaching specialisation

Executive and Leadership Performance,
Team Effectiveness and Collaboration Sports Performance Coaching

My coaching style

Direct while empowering. Unafraid to handle tough issues and to reflect an uncomfortable truth.

Incorruptibly standing for you.

Trainer and Coaching Qualification

  • Professional Consciousness Coaching
  • Diploma Master Trainer (CCA)

Trainer and Coach Credentials

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF) Expert
  • Consciousness Coach (CCA)
  • Coach Mentor and Examiner (CCA)
Mareli Kruger

Me in 5 words

Heart, care, space, guide, joy

My Essence


Why I do what I do

I have a keen interest in how organisations and leaders can support individual realisation and maximise team performance and qualifying as coach has been the most impactful investment I have made in my calling to master communication and to develop people.

I find training managers and leaders, coaching individuals and training other coaches and trainers greatly inspiring and fulfilling. It provides me with a clear sense of advancing the potential of those who stand for advancing others and themselves into their own greatest potential. It is me honouring my lantern essence by putting up my hand for those who put up their hands for others.

What inspires passion in me

When people express their gifts and passions fully and freely with gratitude and celebration,

I was “called” by empowerment from an early age and working in transformation quickly became the ideal match and vehicle for my life’s work/ serving my purpose.

My vision for the world is one where people love the life they wake up for in the morning.

I love journeying with people through the shedding of layers of what is standing in their way/ holding them back, to when “the lights come on” and more and more of their Essence shines through freely and purely. My Facilitation and Coaching specialisation Middle Management and Next-Gen Leaders Coaches and Trainers

My coaching style

I have profound space and compassion for my clients, while I hold them accountable incorruptibly for achieving their excellence.

Trainer and Coaching Qualification

  • Professional Consciousness Coaching Diploma
  • Senior Lead Trainer (CCA)

Training and Coaching Credentials

  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Expert Consciousness Coach (CCA)
  • Senior Lead Trainer TA Mentor Coach (CCA)

Additional Qualifications

  • M.Admin. (Public Management)

Our Panel

For a decade Rienzo and Mareli were the most senior members in the Consciousness Coaching Academy. In these roles as Lead Trainers and Master trainers, their roles were to train hundreds of people across the globe to become ICF qualified coaches. Within that Academy they also groomed and mentored world-class trainers and facilitators.

The benefit of this time, besides a wealth of experience in working in the diversity of many cultures in South Africa, Europe and Russia, was to build a network of world-class trainers, facilitators and coaches. We access this network as required to resource programmes of all sizes with an appropriately skilled team