It takes years of training and business experience to occupy a position of leadership in a business. And that is never a guarantee that leaders are confident and able to be the leadership that your business needs. Add to this the difficulty of navigating the landscape of a 21st century workforce with changed priorities and disruptive thinking – and leadership becomes a real challenge!

Not anymore! With the Beyond Coaching Academy your leaders can participate in training programmes designed to equip them with powerful additional tools. Not in what to do to lead – who to BE to lead.

Before you are a leaders, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader,
success is all about growing others.” 
~ Jack Welch

Beyond Coaching wants to offer sustained and consistent attention to the kind of leadership behaviours that are going to empower businesses, their people and their cultures – to inspire leaders to become agents for greatness.

We do this by offering three-year curriculum broken down into annual certificate courses that progressively equip leaders with the quality of insight, mindfulness and wisdom to bring powerful leadership into their businesses.

All our training is done online and fits in with participant an business schedules, and we do offer certain support workshops and guest lectures to compliment the online programmes.

The full duration of curriculum focuses all training under the following 5 themes