The most fundamental message that we lose in life: is that we get to choose where ours goes.

It doesn’t matter what your truth is – what cards you’ve been dealt or what you believe is possible; you get to choose what your experience of all of that is.

For most of us, we are conditioned to believe that life is a constant barrage of challenges and circumstances that we must navigate manage and attempt to overcome:

  • Our not so perfect childhood affecting how we interact with the world.
  • Our limited or possibly our world-class education forcing us down a path of a career / job that we don’t really love.
  • Broken or unfulfilling relationships.
  • A lack of time to do what we really love, because we are constantly working, slaving in the machine just to make ends meet.
  • A political or socio-economic environment that is just not giving us the opportunities that we deserve.

The thing is that our thrownness has put us into the experience of constantly reacting to these circumstances and experiencing life as “being “out of our hands” REACTION.

In this environment, there is no conscious, self-chosen and empowering response – no wonder we feel like we’re being pushed down a river and all we can do is try to minimise the pain.

This is a conditional response to the circumstances that is only sustainable if I have the energy, if life permits me, if I get enough money, if she responds to my requests…etc.

By the way, the driver behind our reaction is state is a constant value, attention and importance that we place on our thinking and feeling. For as long as these are the determinants of all of our decisions, then we are reacting to life.

When you are absolutely clear and connected to the reality that you are not the originator of your thoughts and feelings; you are neither the creator of them, nor are you even in control of them; then you get to change your relationship to them and the influence that they have on your life.

If you truly look and you see that you are constant reaction to life, to what’s happening in your life, then what you may see is that when stuff happens and when circumstances occur that challenge you, you spend all of your energy trying to change these circumstances from what they are into what you would prefer them to be.

That’s a little bit like trying to change the past. The circumstances have already happened or are already underway – done deal.

By trying to change them we’re tied in the past and investing energy in simply creating a different version of the same thing. Trying to change dark, just gives us a new variation on dark – not a whole different state of being.

For us to shift out of reaction we would need to stop focussing on what has happened or what is happening. We would need to stop putting our energy into trying to change what is, and instead produce a whole different experience for ourselves – cutting ourselves free from the experience of fixing and being tied in the drama. CREATION

For us to be in creation, we would need to shift into looking at the future. If these circumstance don’t suit us; what would? What alternative would you see as your vision for the future?

Then act to create that. No looking back, no comparing to the past or what needs fixing: just an incorruptible commitment to creating what works for you. This response is unconditional and requires no support external or even internal forces. It merely requires you to breathe life into it by committing to it.

This is the shift from trying to solve the problem darkness by fixing it, into “let there be light”.

To support this shift for you, please engage with the following questions:

  1. What are the areas in your life where you feel most drained, what circumstances are you just tolerating or coping with?
  2. What breakdowns do you experiencing repeating themselves in your life over and over again?
  3. What would you choose as the alternative (be free to think with no limitations)?
  4. What commitment could you make to begin creating this alternative for yourself?