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Meet the crew.

Regardless of the coaching requirement, the industry or the country, Beyond Coaching is able to provide clients with exposure to a supreme network of trusted professional coaches who have completed ICF-accredited courses and all of whom hold impeccable credentials.

Mark Fraser-Grant



Mark is an accredited Professional Coach, qualified through the Consciousness Coaching® Academy (CCA). He is also an examiner, coach trainer and co-trainer for CCA. Mark is an expert trainer and facilitator of leadership, communication and conflict resolution workshops with a demonstrated aptitude for supporting corporate organisations and top executives.

Rienzo Colpo

Director – Sales & Operations


Rienzo is a Consciousness Coach®, Coach Trainer and Training Facilitator. He is also the Head of Sales and Marketing at Beyond Coaching. He is passionate about people development and supporting them in becoming as powerful and effective as they can be; in the shortest possible time.

Rienzo has worked in a number of service-based industries, for several international organisations and his operational and coaching experience spans numerous countries across the globe, including South Africa, India, Kenya, Nigeria, UK, USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. As such he has a clear understanding of how to work with diversity and ensure best performance levels within unique cultures and operating environments.

In addition, Rienzo pioneered and developed the Beyond Entrepreneurship© training methodologies that best unlock the abilities of small-business owners to develop themselves while building sustainable, profitable companies.

He prides himself on being an intuitive coach who promptly identifies areas of development and has the compassion to support clients in seeing these for themselves and applying the insights to achieving desired results. Rienzo’s coaching is built on applying personal transformation to business principles in order to maximise personal, business and leadership performance. Ultimately this boils down to figuring out what would improve growth and sustainability for people and for businesses.

In support of this, Rienzo constantly stays up to date with all philosophies and latest thoughts around personal development, transformation, emotional, social and spiritual intelligence and the coaching world.

Rienzo is a qualified Professional Consciousness Coach® and Professional Trainer through the Consciousness Coaching Academy® (CCA) and holds the ECC accreditation with the CCA and an ACC accreditation with the ICF.

Someone once said that it is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone. At Beyond Coaching, we are proud of every member of our crew, who we can confidently state contributes to our success as a whole. Our support team is the backbone of our company, the glue that holds our universe together.