Clients come to us to improve their communication, create clarity on the way forward, get their teams and employees engaged and inspired.  They want us to move them to the next level or create a far better culture. Our clients want a powerful direct intervention that leaves them clearer, more energised, creative and able to achieve real results.  We have a proven track in causing shifts, defined cultural improvement and far better communication that improves flow, productivity and empowerment in companies, teams and individuals.

The difference in our approach predominantly lies in this… Conventional training and development typically just transfers a pre-determined outline of knowledge and skills to provide people, employees or managers with options to choose from to react to a series of fixed potential scenarios.

The Beyond Coaching Powered by Consciousness® methodology on the other hand, empowers people to see the bigger picture, to become fully aware of the context within the content of the situations that they are faced with, to see it as it is. It helps them understand what they need to create to achieve the desired state of being, instead of simply reacting to or being a victim of circumstances. It inspires them to take responsibility for their actions, to think on their feet, to be in the now and come up with their own options and solutions. Based on results achieved for a host of our clients already, as well as the latest research and findings in the business arena, this has been proven to be the most sustainable form of learning.

Be judicious… top reasons to consider Beyond Coaching for your training and development needs

These are the top five reasons why you can trust Beyond Coaching to take care of your personal coaching requirements and /or employee training and development requirements….

i. Beyond Coaching embeds all of it’s work in Consciousness and empowering collaborative, engaged leadership.

ii. Beyond Coaching uses coaching and consciousness methodologies aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and was the first South African based coaching academy to be accredited by the ICF. Founded in 1995, the ICF is the leading global non-profit organisation that is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting standards and providing independent certification services.

iii. All our coaches are ICF credentialed at either Associate Certified Coaches (ACC) or Professional Certified Coaches (PCC). This means that in addition to their own qualifications and specific fields of expertise, every one of our coaches has qualified within the ICF-accredited Coach Training and proven their mettle to the extent, that the ICF itself endorses the quality of their coaching.

iv. All the Directors of Beyond Coaching have made significant personal sacrifices to breathe our business into life and are hands-on involved in our business and the services that we render. An unparalleled commitment to follow through is thus at the centre of everything we do.

v. Beyond Coaching has an impressive portfolio of foremost corporate and personal clients. Whether our coaching services were utilised to develop leaders and managers of an institute, form part of an employee training and development plan, or served to unlock personal potential… every single one our clients have been able to achieve remarkable results from our coaching. The fact that all our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth; is a firm testimony to that.

A host of personal or corporate references can also be supplied on request.

The key difference between coaching and training and development lies in… creation versus reaction

This is predominantly what distinguishes Beyond Coaching from traditional training and development… Training mostly gears people up with a fixed set of information and tools that they can choose from when they need to react to any circumstance that arises. The standard training process is driven by the trainer and is directive. Consciousness Coaching® on the other hand, empowers people with limitless options to create the context required to accomplish the outcomes they need or want. It is a non-directive process that is owned by the coachee who is skillfully empowered and inspired to define and determine what needs to be done. Results achieved at blue chip companies as well as latest findings and research in the business arena indicate that this is the most sustainable form of learning for both personal and /or corporate training and development purposes.