We all constantly sell ourselves in our conversations and actions. But the commonly held perception of the pushy, less-than-honest salesperson often causes us to under-sell our attractions. However – a positive perception of selling is essential to your success in life, both in business and in wealth creation. Mastery of Success – will change your attitude to self-promotion and enable you to be massively successful in all areas of your life.

Mastery of Success is not just for salespeople: it’s for anyone who wants to apply Consciousness Coaching® principles to achieve higher levels of success in business and in life. If you are not yet creating financial abundance, Mastery of Success will support you in healing your relationship with money and enable you to be the most effective business and / or salesperson you can be – in other words, to become a Conscious business success.

Mastery of Success will empower you with:

  • A new relationship to getting Out of your Box, out of your comfort zone
  • A self-determined, Conscious relationship to money
  • The skills to make convincing, effective and professional sales calls
  • The power to make Time and Timing work with you
  • The ability to shorten your selling cycles
  • The power to over-achieve your sales targets

Course Content

Day 1 – Executive Coaching, Communication and Leadership Principles

This is when you’ll learn to establish rapport with executives and leadership personalities. You’ll be taught to differentiate between time (chronos) and timing (chyros), and efficiency and effectiveness. In these classes you’ll also learn when to stick around and when to quit, as well as to manage your priorities.

Days 2 and 3 – Sales Mastery

These two days are devoted to Consciousness Coaching®’s sales course, which focuses on developing authentic sales competencies that are confirmed by outstanding and fulfilling success.

In mastering the art of sales, you’ll learn:

  • That the first 30 seconds determine 80% of your success
  • How to win your first 20 clients
  • How to handle objections
  • Express yourself
  • Win investors and attract money

Day 4 – Success Mastery: The Foundations

At this point, the institute focuses on entrepreneurial skills. Whether you develop and use these to start your own business, accelerate your career or simply lead a successful, self-sourced life, you need to master the two core competencies of selling yourself and winning over others in order to achieve your goals, visions and missions.

You’ll learn the mechanics of:

  • Building a business
  • The core principles of entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, networking, PR, Internet and email marketing
  • Branding yourself
  • Transforming your relationship to money
  • Developing and presenting your business or life plan

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Entry requirements

  • Master I – A New State of Consciousness (The Awareness Process I)

Course Components

  • A Creative Consciousness workbook

Course Delivery modality

  • Classroom-based
  • Experiential, interactive and group-based interaction
  • Consciousness Coaching methodology and philosophy

Course Duration

  • Classroom component – 4 days (41 hours)

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