If you want to be a successful coach, you must successfully integrate coaching into your life – and this workshop teaches you just how to do this. Master III part 1 and part 2: – The Consciousness Coaching® Process™ – is the programme’s advanced coaching training course, and offers intensive consciousness and coach training in accordance with global ICF global standards.

As part of this certification, you will learn to utilise Consciousness Coaching® as a way of being and as an empowering communication tool in all your interactions.

The Master III coach training course imparts the study and practice of advanced coaching techniques. It is the certification that authorises you to facilitate Consciousness Coaching®, and ensures that you master the Consciousness Coaching® protocol.

Thus, Master III carries over the ability to facilitate change and be a source for transformation via the power to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs and create a context for your being that believes “nothing is wrong”.

The component teaches the power to:

  • Love (coach) unconditionally
  • Create enthusiasm anywhere, anytime
  • Exhibit compassionate self-expression
  • Master the comfort zone
  • Build advanced levels of coaching dialogues

Master III incorporates the Mongolian Run experience and a manner of deepening authenticity by going through the Video Analysis Process.

On completion of Master III, you will have:

  • Completed your awareness on the professional coach level
  • Achieved the competence to complete the coach training according to CCI and ICF standards
  • Acquired the ability to successfully introduce Consciousness Coaching® Awareness Creations
  • Maximised your freedom and balance inside of committed structures
  • Increased your power to “dance in the moment” with clarity of purpose

Whether you aspire to become a professional coach or simply wish to be more conscious, this programme is a must either way.

Course Content

  • Transforming anger into passion
  • The power of the word
  • Integrity
  • The power to act
  • Ladder of Power™
  • Story vs ‘Is’-ness
  • The comfort zone

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Entry requirements

  • Master II – The Awareness Process II

Course Components

  • Master III is divided into two parts; Master III part 1, and Master II part 2. – Each part has a separate classroom component and self-study / practice component.
  • A Creative Consciousness workbook.
  • Consciousness Coaching Protocols, Awareness Creation sheets
  • Exercises, study and practice assignments
  • An optional daily frame programme to support your holistic development.
  • Six observed coaching sessions (OCS) monitored by a certified OCS Trainer.

In the time between the two parts of Master III:

  • you engage in self-study, practice and integration of the acquired material and skills
  • you and a fellow student coach each other frequently with support from the trainer as required

Course Delivery modality

  • Classroom-based with optional personal awareness exercises outside
  • Experiential, interactive and group-based interaction, group and peer work
  • Consciousness Coaching methodology and philosophy
  • External (home-based), self-study after each training

Course Duration

  • Classroom Component – Part 1: 4 full days (41 and a quarter hours), followed by one month of practice and integration
  • Classroom Component – Part 2: 4 full days (43 hours), followed by three further practice months at the Professional Coach level
  • Self-Study Component – 6 weeks of self-study, integration, coaching and practice with ICF Professional Certified Coach level support / observation and mentoring

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