Master II – The Awareness Process II – is powerful and liberating, imparting the skills to enable you to live a more conscious life. In learning advanced consciousness development, you are challenged and trained in the art of creation – acquiring the power to create the life you love to live. As part of this process, you actively apply the distinctions you attained in Master I and get to examine, integrate and apply new practical tools.

Master II also teaches you the basics in the art of coaching, which is the ability to conduct relationship interactions in such a way that both parties are left empowered, uplifted and enlightened. These interactions could be in your love relationship, with your children, boss, colleagues or professional coaching clients.

You will learn just why it is that coaching is different from conventional consulting, therapy and training and also be aware that choosing the right coaching model for your particular skills and aims is crucial. Master II is the next step towards becoming either an accredited Personal/Life Coach or Business/Executive Coach.

To this end, Master II imparts the structure, preparation and delivery of coaching sessions, which are an essential component of the Consciousness Coaching® model and protocol.

The programme gives practical training in delivering coaching and also builds your competence in essential communications skills: questioning, listening, feedback and sharing. By applying these superior communication skills, you will witness how your life transforms as you engage in transforming the lives of others.

Course Content

  • The Ladder of Power™ – transforming complaints into victories
  • The meaning and practice of integrity and authenticity
  • Your consciousness inventory
  • Compassion
  • Vision and mission – discovery, definition and design
  • Advanced distinctions:
    • getting
    • listening
    • forgiving
    • completion

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Entry requirements

  • Master I – A New State of Consciousness (The Awareness Process I)

Course Components

  • A Creative Consciousness workbook and toolbox.
  • Six coaching sessions with a certified Professional Consciousness Coach® during self-study time, either face-to-face or over the phone for which you are free to define the coaching objective.
  • An optional daily frame programme to support your holistic development.
  • Access to the Consciousness Coaching graduate network and website.

Course Delivery modality

  • Classroom-based with optional personal awareness exercises outside
  • Experiential, interactive and group-based interaction, group and peer work
  • Consciousness Coaching methodology and philosophy
  • External (home-based), self-study after the training

Course Duration

  • Classroom component:
    • 4 days
    • 41 and a quarter hours
  • Self-study component:
    • 6 weeks of self-study, coaching and practice

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