The biggest investment we can make for our future, our health and our sense of fulfilment is and will always be to invest in the Self. Our personal development courses accelerate growth and awareness hugely, whether they are used for coach development or for self-development. For any individual who does not want to become a coach, but simply wishes to accelerate his or her own personal growth and reach full potential, we recommend at least Master 1-A New State of Consciousness (The Awareness Process™) and Master 1I-The Awareness Process II

Master I – a new state of consciousness (The Awareness Process™)

Have you spent your life trying to figure out what the “missing piece” is? Many people spend so much of their lives feeling incomplete – something’s missing, but they just can’t put their finger on it.

Maybe you have figured yourself out, but just can’t seem to get on top of things, get on top of your old patterns, your circumstances, or being able to create a life that you would love to live.

Maybe you’re seeking. And you just never seem to touch, to reach “the answer”.

Or perhaps, you are looking for that next step up, that new state of consciousness that is available to you, and you are looking for what will catalyse that.

If any of the above ring true for you, then Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness is for you.

If you want to unlock the possibility of self-worth, rapid personal growth and a new way of being. NOW!

If you want a new understanding of certain situations in your life and how to approach relationships in your life. NOW!

If you want to find an inner strength and a way to live authentically according to your value. NOW!

If you want a practical start to your coach training. NOW!

Then you do not want to miss the next Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness.

Master II – The Expansion Process

One of the most fundamental needs that a human being has, is that of “belonging”. Mostly we are born into a world where we belong, and have connection to those whom we love. Over time, as we grow older though, we drift further and further apart. There are conversations that we don’t have, we are hurt and don’t forgive, we aren’t equipped with the ability to genuinely “get” the people in our lives and speak to them instead of speaking from our reactions.

Consequently, we struggle to belong, and find ourselves more and more lonely inside, separated and feeling a degree of emptiness, instead of a full, rich, complete and total experience of belonging.

Does this sound familiar?

At the heart of shifting this “closing the gap between ourselves and others”, and feeling “complete” is empowered, genuine and clear communication. To truly communicate, we need to be able to get the other, be able to self-heal our past and our wounds, and step into a future possibility.

Master 2 is a potent process that enables you to reconnect. To reconnect to yourself, self-love, and to reconnect to others. It is a fundamental deep-dive into communication and human-connection. It enables the graduates with practical tools to bridge the gap and create communication with anyone for open human-connection, effective working environments and closeness to loved ones.

It also lays the foundation for our advanced communication training modules.

It is the second step in our curriculum training up coaches and the first module that is part of our ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme. In it the fundamentals of delivering a coaching session, and using coaching as a means of communicating are explored and opened up to participants.

If any of the above resonates with you, then Master 2 – The Expansion Process is for you.

NOW is the time to explore deep connection.

NOW is the time to heal wounds of the past.

NOW is the time to shift into open communication with the purpose of creating a bridge to others.

NOW is the time to complete your past and life a life of completion and space.

NOW is the time to take that next step in your development as a coach.


Mastery of Success

Success is the one thing that we are conditioned to constantly strive and fight for. Yet what is success?

In business it could be a certain amount of money in the bank. Perhaps it is growing market share to a particular level, or expanding, franchising, or branching out. Whatever success means to us, we spend a life chasing and working with maximum effort to achieve this picture of success and most often people experience that it is constantly “just out of reach” and elusive. So the chase swaps between working harder, and going into resignation.

Do you ever feel that you do not have a tangible, clear picture of what YOUR success looks like, and then how to create this for yourself?

Do you ever feel that you are on a hamster-wheel to nowhere?

Do you ever feel like you know what you want, where you want to go, but are never fully equipped to get there?

Thankfully there are those precious moments where we are sent a “post card from God” – you know what I mean? When circumstances / fate / the stars / luck lines up and you experience the success. You taste it. You feel what it is like and it inspires you to strive for the possibility thereof.

Wouldn’t you love to explore what creates these moments of alignment and success? Would you want to unlock the secret to making them more frequent, deliberate, consistent and sustainable?

Mastery of Success is a light-hearted, no-nonsense expansion into your FULL potential. We explode into the fun of dropping your limiting self-beliefs, take you into seeing your relationship to your perceived value, and look at your relationship to business success. From here the correlations to all other areas of your life are plain and evident.

We look at practical ways to communicate, sell and brand yourself – deliberately aligned to your vision for success.

We look at refining that vision for yourself so that you can practically take steps to achieving what you dream to.

If this resonates with you, excites in you a curiosity and makes you wonder what success you could possibly achieve with these tools, then Mastery of Success is for you!

Mastery of Relationships

Unconditional Connection is the most fundamental need of any human. So much so that we will do anything for it.

We are born into families with whom we enjoy a close and nurturing relationship and then, slowly, over time, we drift apart. We look to replace that close bond with a partner and for some, spend a lifetime in relationships that kind of fit (like a borrowed suit), but do not fully meet our expectations.

So we chase unconditional connection, and with attempt after failed attempt we become disillusioned and either judge “them” as wrong for not being good enough, or worse, judge ourselves as not being enough.

The end result is either a past of broken relationships, or settling for a relationship that is mediocre but bearable (resigned to fate).

But what if there was another possibility?

We all have the possibility of a fulfilling, profound, sustainable and ecstatic relationships. Professionally, with our direct families, friends and of course our most intimate partners.

What if you simply need the keys to unlock this possibility?

Mastery of Relationships is your key, and is a most powerful step into you defining and creating the type of relationships for yourself that are exciting, fulfilling, worthwhile, sustainable and empowering.

Through this 3-day process you will uncover what Conditioning, Unfulfilled needs, Shadows, Projections and Frustrations you are carrying into your relationships.

You will explore the most important one that you have – that with yourself.

And then armed with all of this insight and awareness, you will form the constitution for the new you in your relationships and a powerful foundation to shift all your relationships (and of course, your most intimate one), into the most ecstatic, honest, authentic and close version possible.

If you are building a new relationship / marriage, if you are single and looking to “break the curse” or in a long-term relationship that has potentially fallen into a bit of a rut; then this programme is for you.

Even if you aren’t in a new relationship, stuck in a rut or single – this programme is STILL for you 😉 Would you consider giving yourself this gift?

Mastery of Money

Possibly the greatest area of breakdown for most people, is around money, and not having enough of it to provide the security, comfort and future that they would want.

We struggle, and fight, and work as hard as possible; doing all we can to earn as much as possible. Inevitably though, we seem to simply exist form month to month. Just getting by, without the extra that we dream of having, to build the life that we would love to live. A frustrating hamster-wheel of limitation.

There are many simple actions that we may, or may not be aware of to maximise our opportunities for creating the financial future we dream of. Sadly though, all our well-intentioned actions seem to constantly hit exasperating hurdles, breakdowns and even sabotage.

What we don’t realise is that who we are being is most often in direct contradiction to what we are doing. We want wealth and abundance, but behave from lack, limitation and the context of not being enough. We work entire lives, sacrificing everything, wanting to be financially successful not knowing that we carry deep-rooted belief systems that unconsciously sabotage this success.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m certain that there were times in your life where you enjoyed financial success.

I’ve no doubt that there have been times when you have looked at friends, colleagues and others who seem to have cracked the secret code of financial wealth.

Wouldn’t you love to explore why? Why sometimes we get it right, and other times we don’t.

Have you ever wondered what internal unconscious language you use around money and how it is keeping you hamstrung?

Would you want to see what is at the heart of the financial success that is available to you?

Mastery of Money is a deep dive into our unconscious, programmed relationship to money, financial success and wealth. We consider your shadows around money, your resistances and possible fears. We explore your true relationship to your personal value – how you value yourself or minimise your value and how this translates into your approach to all money matters.

We look at practical ways to manage debt, plan for the future and build wealth.

If any of the above resonates with you, then Mastery of Money is for you.





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