Beyond Coaching’s solid track record speaks of confirmed aptitude in the design of tailored interventions to specifically address and resolve any issue that may stand in the way of any business process reengineering, change management or organisational development project goals. By definition, an intervention is interference from an outside party or senior mediator to intercede, mediate or come between disputing people or groups- to modify a process or situation. Making use of such a neutral outside coach or facilitator brings the necessary objectivity into the equation, especially when the executives of an organisation are so ‘stuck’ that they cannot see the wood from the trees anymore.

How a coaching intervention can benefit business process reengineering or change management initiatives.

To understand how a coaching intervention slots into business process reengineering steps, let us first look at what is business process reengineering exactly. Generally, business process reengineering can be described as the assessment and redesign of workflow and processes in an organisation for business improvement purposes. Even though the remodelling could be driven by software, one must never forget that every process is driven by a person. Any form of resistance from this person or an incapability to adapt, could thus prevent or hinder the implementation of the reengineered business process. In such an instance, a Beyond Coaching intervention has shown great success in empowering the relevant people to own the process and inspire them to derive the maximum benefit from it, personally and for the company.

How a coaching intervention can support the change management of a business process reengineering process.

In the same manner, Beyond Coaching is ready and able to customise coaching workshops to address a variety of business process reengineering, organisational development and associated matters. Let us look at change management for example. Change management usually requires that people adopt a new, improved way of doing things that is very different from how they are used to doing it. Engaging people to buy into the change, to drive it and make it stick is THE most difficult challenge in any change management process. A coaching intervention is the ideal way to communicate such a change, build support for it and integrate efforts to make the change happen. This is because coaching guides people to take conscious control. Instead of reacting to the change, it helps them realise what needs to be created to achieve the desired new state and how it serves to their own advantage to do so.

Examples of tailored coaching interventions

Examples of some of the tailored intervention programmes that we have executed so far, includes: creating high performance teams, enhancing the personal impact of business leaders, evolving company culture, resolving conflict, developing of high impact communication skills, unblocking organisational development and transformational issues and enabling people to take action in business process reengineering projects. These interventions are all underpinned by a drive for maximum impact, and are at all times facilitated by internationally accredited coaches who are Powered by Consciousness™, which aims to empower and inspire, rather than dictate.

‘People will support the change when they can begin to see how the change will benefit them in some way and once they believe that it is possible for them to be successful in the new way of working.’ From ‘Successful change: how to implement change through people,’ by David Miller.