Executives are challenged to the maximum. They have to think on their feet, whilst dealing with complexity, difficult and talented people, stress and pressure, balance and perspective, all at the same time.

Beyond Coaching have a well-positioned number of certified professional coaches who collectively have more than four decades of experience in executive coaching, with demonstrated capability in all areas of business. All our senior coaches have not only successfully completed the ICF-accredited Creative Consciousness Coach Training Program, but were also the most senior trainers of coaches within that programme. What this means in practice is that all our executive coaches are fully capable of tackling all of those issues through the Creative Consciousness Coaching® methodology to make a powerful difference in the lives of our executive clients. We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients feel heard and that they walk away liberated and more aware of how to move forward constructively.

Our methodology can furthermore be applied to an individual or a group. The benefits that can be gained are critical for the development of any employee, manager or leader as it includes improvement in critical skills such as communication and interpersonal relations, leadership and management, conflict resolution, confidence, attitude and motivation and general performance. We always place great emphasis on unleashing potential through powerful experiential tools and skilful questioning- rather than teaching and instructing as is typically the case with conventional training methods.

Coaching grows people… Who in turn grow companies.

Companies all across the world are realising that coaching has become essential to the sustainable success of any organisational development strategy, far more valuable than any other Resources. And not just for every manager or directorate, but also for every employee. This is because coaching leads people to unlock their own strengths and capability, as well as that of others- to contribute meaningfully to the overall organisational development and operational excellence. Simply put, coaching grows people… Who in turn grow companies.

Bob Nelson, a global expert in employee motivation, performance, engagement, recognition and awards, said that…You get the best effort from people, not by building a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them. The truth of this statement becomes eminent in a wealth of other prominent business publications such as ‘The four disciplines of execution’ by Sean Covey and ‘Leadership in a Wiki world’ by Rod Collins. These illustrate how improving business processes on average can increase productivity by only 3-5%, whilst improving human behaviour can render remarkable improvements of up to 300-400%.

‘Interestingly, there has been one key benefit of executive coaching that has been echoed by a number of our clients. It is the fact that it allows a safe, objective and confidential space where executives can address their issues in-depth, openly and honestly, without being concerned by how it will influence the perception of their colleagues or seniors or their chances of promotion.’- Mark Fraser-Grant, CEO of Beyond Coaching.

The benefits of executive coaching for any organisational development initiative

Executive coaching should be a key consideration in the organisational design and development of any company, as it unlocks capability in its greatest asset- its people.

These are some of the other benefits that an organisation can gain utilising our executive coaching service:

  • Executive coaching has emerged in recent years as a popular and effective way to develop leaders because organisations find that it keeps them focussed on the bottom line.
  • Coaching reduces isolation and stress in leaders and provides them with an objective soundboard when making high-level decisions.
  • Coaching enables leaders to actively contribute to the development of others, which in turn contributes to the organisation development.
  • Coaching enables people to widely share and utilise information instead of keeping it to themselves as a means of power.
  • Coaching promotes open, participative and transparent decision-making which permeates throughout the organisation and creates trust.
  • Coaching supports learning and development and values innovation.
  • Coaching is a much more effective tool than organisational development courses when it comes to improving any specific area of performance.
  • Coaching enables progression within an organisation in a manner that has far more sustainable impact.
  • Coaching has demonstrated unparalleled results in the achievement of any particular organisational development objectives.
  • Coaching addresses specific behavioural issues that could hinder organisational development.
  • Coaching purposefully speaks to human behaviour which is critical for the success of any change initiative.
  • Coaching provides support to any employee or leader who needs to fulfil a new role or take on greater responsibility.
  • Coaching improves relationships and communication amongst employees and stakeholders.

‘A study featured in Public Personnel Management Journal reports that a group of 31 managers who underwent a managerial training program showed an increased productivity of 22.4%. The second group, who was provided with coaching on the other hand, showed an increased productivity of 88%. Research does demonstrate that one-on-one executive coaching is of value.” – F.Turner, Ph.D. CEO Refresher, 2001.