A critical mistake that many companies make in realising its organisational development goals, change management initiative or business process improvement plan, is to ask ‘what do we need to do get there’ instead of ‘who do we need to empower to get there?’

Our Corporate Coaching Program – Powered by Consciousness™ is a ground breaking coach training program that enables people within the organisation to lead, as coaches.

A first of its kind for the corporate market – it creates a ‘conscious way of being’ as a leader, team member and organisation. It will revolutionise the way your employees think, live and act in business.

Delivered by internationally qualified and experienced coaches, this dynamic and constructively challenging program will empower your people to be highly effective communicators, active and inspiring leaders. It will also create enhanced team collaboration and more effective individuals with greater levels of motivation, inspiration and effective action.

Ultimately it is designed to improve or accelerate business processes sustainably through connecting to consciousness, which naturally translates into enhanced profitability and operational excellence

Here are some fast facts that any company, change manager or consultant who is managing change to roll out a business process improvement initiative should know… Most recent research conducted by a host of business leaders and respected authors such as Sean Covey and Rod Collins indicates that organisations collectively spend billions of dollars annually on implementing business process redesign and change management initiatives. From the same research we learn that organisational process redesign however, will only produce an average increase in productivity of 3-5%, whilst acting on managing change in human behaviour, can increase productivity by an astounding 300-400%. In addition, it has been proven that 65% of all changes, any type of change for that matter, require changes in behaviours to succeed. Considering that, and that the return on investment (ROI) on business process redesign is so insignificant in comparison to the ROI gained from working on human behaviour… It begs the question why it is the last thing that most companies consider? Yes, one can never deny the importance of tools and processes in the change management process. But we must remember that the tools without the people are completely useless, which is why Beyond Coaching corporate coaching programs include a dynamic synthesis of both.

Corporate coaching programs- create internal change management experts who are able to unlock capability and create high performance teams.

In an increasingly competitive market place, any organisation continuously needs to implement small or large scale changes to remain in business and maintain a competitive advantage. Effective change management to steer through these changes is thus a key competency that no company can do without. Groundbreaking studies around the world have proven that coaching has become THE most powerful change catalyst to manage change more seamlessly than ever. And as our name suggests, Beyond Coaching’s groundbreaking corporate program takes these successes one step further.

The Beyond Coaching Corporate Coaching Program is at your service to help create a robust team of such internal change experts who are able to shift the focus on ‘what needs to be done’ to ‘who we need to empower to get there’. In this impactful course they will learn how to work on people’s behaviours and guide your organisation through change in a much more scalable and sustainable manner. They will also be empowered to unlock capability and develop high performance teams.

‘We are seeing a paradigm shift, from the role of a manager as an expert to the manager as a coach,’ – Mark Fraser-Grant, CEO of Beyond Coaching.

From a 2011 study conducted by Europe’s Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM):

‘Coaching is a particularly powerful tool in the modern workplace – one that has proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual and organisational performance by unlocking capability. At its best, this key change management tool can deliver considerable benefits, helping managers get the most from their teams, boosting employee engagement and developing high performing workplaces. Organisations wishing to maximise the benefits of coaching should focus on increasing its scope and availability to create a coaching culture that permeates throughout their workforce. This means that coaching must be supported at the very top of the organisation, but not limited to senior executives, and that organisations need to devote resources to developing their internal coaching capability.’