What does your business really need?

Is it really missing the competence and skills that you are led to believe?

What if all you need for your business to be truly successful, is already within you?

What opportunities could open up for you and your business if you were able to unlock all of your latent potential?

What possibilities exist for you if you are able to choose to be more powerful, more consistently, for your business?

The Beyond Entrepreneurship programme from Beyond Coaching, addresses your business at exactly this level.

As the name implies, Beyond Entrepreneurship is about moving beyond the norm, the usual and what is standard. It is moving beyond running a business in a manner that is in reaction to circumstance. Participants are made aware of what they didn’t know that they already knew about their businesses and their own capabilities. It’s all about creating a solid foundation.

Beyond Entrepreneurship is also significantly different to any other entrepreneur development programme available in the world as it transforms businesses through the specific empowerment of the individuals that own/run them.

It cannot be overstated that business management skills and best practices are available from many different sources. There is no shortage of skills transfer opportunities through all types of organisations and programmes.

The premise of this product is based on the support of entrepreneurs and enterprise owners to unlock solutions from WITHIN themselves that are relevant and supportive of their unique circumstances. This is very distinct from just being given text-book solutions to general issues.

To achieve this, Beyond Entrepreneurship uses Consciousness and Coaching® tools to support entrepreneurs to BE their own solutions and to run their businesses consciously. They learn how to CREATE the circumstances they want, as opposed to unconsciously REACT to circumstances.

Beyond Entrepreneurship furthermore seeks to empower participants by addressing the six strategic pillars of business, namely:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Finance
  • Resourcing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Administration

Each is addressed as a part of four two-day workshops, hosted approximately once a month. They are purposefully designed to provoke self enquiry and to break down myths surrounding each pillar.

High-level training on the most important elements of each of these pillars is carried out with experiential interaction. This makes it possible for participants to identify their own association to the particular disciplines firsthand. It makes them see how this affects their chances of succeeding in each.

The workshops also address the following:

  • What it takes to start a business;
  • In-depth enquiry into:
    • Business planning and strategy;
    • Marketing,
    • Sales,
    • Financial management,
    • Operational and administration management,
    • The power of commitment;
    • Integrity (being in action of commitments);
    • Sourcing energy; at all times, in all places and under all circumstances;
    • Powerful communication; and
    • Developing management and leadership skills.

The programme serves to open up the possibility for participants to run their business differently, more strategically and with clarity of vision. Finally, it guides them to be extraordinary, in a sustainable manner. In an economy that suffers an unemployment rate of between 25% and 40%, the need to see alternatives and have choice is critical to creating a shift and stability in the economy. This programme forms the foundation for precisely such a shift.

Expected outcomes from this programme would be:

  • Clarity on the six pillars of running a successful business;
  • Clarity of choice as to how to implement these pillars into business for successful growth;
  • The formulation of a personal and professional vision and mission;
  • Clarity of the option of choice relating to achieving the vision;
  • The power to clearly commit to the vision and be accountable for it;
  • Greater personal insight into what barriers to entry the entrepreneurs could be creating for themselves;
  • Greater personal insight into how to step into their greatness; and
  • How to create from vision instead of simply reacting to circumstances.

What coaching is and is not… is of great value to any entrepreneur

Taken from a preneurcast video interview with Robyn Logan, CEO of International Coach Academy. ‘Coaching IS NOT therapy. Therapy is more concerned with the past, what and why it happened. Coaching is NOT interested in why things happened. It is more interested in where you are now, where you would like to be and HOW WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU THERE…. What coaching IS, is a proven discipline, a methodology that gives you the power tools you need to create the change you need or to achieve the outcomes you want.’ These are invaluable for any entrepreneur.