Beyond Diversity interventions enable organisations to consciously build an organisational culture where the quality of leading, relating, communicating, being, performing and creating are founded on a solid foundation of Conscious Human Capital.

At the centre of any such culture, lies diversity; an intricate and critical aspect of our daily relating and connecting with people. It is a manifestation of sets of linkages, and interactions of irresistible illusions that display lack of conformity of thought reality among people. Our Beyond Diversity work is Powered by Consciousness™, and thus provides a system that allows for awareness and acknowledgement of ourselves and others. Firstly, it addresses the intricacy of the layers of diversity and creates invaluable insight into it. Secondly, it presents the tools that are available to neutralise the negative impact of the different layers. Ultimately, this helps to create powerful connectivity that enables successful collaborations that are second to none.

The benefits of our approach are multifold. It includes faster flow of communication and less time wasted on arbitration, reconciliation and conflict resolution. It stimulates greater team work, power of collective cohesion (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts), a happier workforce and culture that is infused with an enhanced level of awareness.

In 2011, the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) in Europe; conducted a coaching survey project amongst a group of training and development managers and decision makers at 250 large organisations to investigate the impact of those who embrace coaching as a training and development practice. 95% of respondents saw direct benefits to the organisational development objectives, whilst 96% saw benefits to the personal development of the individual. We quote: ‘A broad range of specific benefits were identified including improvements in communication and interpersonal skills, leadership and management, conflict resolution, personal confidence, attitudes and motivation, management performance as well as preparation for a new role or promotion’.