At the edge of global thought leadership in business process improvement lies an emerging concept that is spoken of as ‘the new currency’ or one of the ‘megatrends.’ It is a notion that should lie at the heart of every business process improvement or organisational development methodology and is far more superior and valuable than that which can be measured in any monetary terms. It is a new realisation that at the heart of every vision, every goal, every commercial objective and every business process improvement plan or change management initiative; is a person who has to execute it.

Beyond Coaching presents a range of corporate and organisational development solutions that are all highly effective in doing just this, by empowering individuals within companies to unleash their potential to drive business improvement plans and change management initiatives to accomplish the absolute maximum in operational excellence and profitability.

All our solutions are underpinned by the incorporation of our Consciousness Awareness® methodology that empowers people to become more aware and conscious. This creates significantly improved results, less mischief and a far more effective team of people whose potential is unlocked to achieving so much more. Essentially we show people that wherever they are at that moment, there is always a better place to move to. This approach is the most effective and sustainable way to let people progress.

Corporate Coaching Programs

A critical mistake that many companies make in realising their organisational development goal, change management initiative or business process improvement plan, is to ask ‘what do we need to fix get there’ instead of ‘who do we need to empower to get there?’ An industry first, the Beyond Coaching- Powered by Consciousness™ Corporate Coaching Programmes have been purposefully designed to help improve or accelerate business processes sustainably through creating consciousness, which naturally translates into enhanced profitability and operational excellence. Click here to read more about our Corporate Coaching Programs.

Executive Coaching

Bob Nelson, a global expert in employee motivation, performance, engagement, recognition and awards, said that…You get the best effort from people, not by building a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them. The truth of this statement becomes eminent in a wealth of other prominent business publications such as ‘The four disciplines of execution’ by Sean Covey and ‘Leadership in a Wiki world’ by Rod Collins. These illustrate how improving business processes on average can increase productivity by only 3-5%, whilst improving human behaviour can render remarkable improvements of up to 300-400%. Beyond Coaching has a well-positioned, trusted network of seasoned, certified professional coaches with demonstrated capability in coaching across a wide spectrum of areas in business. The benefits that can be gained are critical for the development of any employee, manager or leader as it includes improvement in critical skills such as communication and interpersonal relations, leadership and management, conflict resolution, confidence, attitude and motivation and general performance. Click here to read more about our Personal and Executive Coaching Services.

Tailored Interventions

A targeted intervention from an external coach to address an internal business improvement issue more often than not produces much more significant results, because of the objectivity of the outsider. Beyond Coaching is able to customise any such intervention needed and we have a host of clients who can testify to the impressive outcomes achieved from it. Click here to read more about our Tailored Interventions.

Beyond Leadership Program

The business environment has become more complex than ever, which calls for business leaders with greater capacity to lead any business process improvement. Our Beyond Leadership team designs and facilitates powerful and authentic leadership development and transformation programmes that are purposefully aimed at empowering a leader or manager in any job to execute business process improvement methodology that will create lasting impact and superior results. Click here to read more about our Beyond Leadership Program.

Beyond Entrepreneurship Program

Even the best plan of action needs to be executed by a person. Simply presenting an entrepreneur with a business plan, formal structure and processes, is thus only half the battle won. Our Beyond Entrepreneurship Program helps to develop entrepreneurs by offering them a complete, revolutionary solution to succeed in business: a fusion of cutting edge Conscious Enterprise Training® methodologies that develop the entrepreneur both as a person and a specialist in business. Click here to read more about Our Beyond Entrepreneurship Program.

Beyond Diversity

Beyond Diversity enables companies to build an organisational culture that is infused with enhanced awareness, which in turn creates powerful connectivity and successful collaborations that are second to none. Click here to read more about Beyond Diversity.