Through our public training programme under Creative Consciousness South Africa, or through our tailored Corporate Coach Training programme, Beyond Coaching is most advanced and impactful coach training academy – defining a new way of communicating within business.
In our experience, Corporate South Africa is seeking a different means of unlocking Talent Development.
Exhausted by consultants, change management and skills development processes that look good on paper companies are looking into how to directly access the latent potential and wisdom sitting within the business.
Coaching (delivered by internal coaches, or external ones), is the most recognised and sustainable way of accessing this undeveloped human talent.

With Consciousness Coaching® our customers are seeing that the most effective shift available is when their people access their ‘doing’ as well as their ‘being’; being is developed when they build wisdom through insights; acquire skills by experience; and this makes the growth innate and sustainable.
All of our Consciousness Coaching® courses are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Founded in 1995, ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. With more than 15 000 professional personal and business coaches representing over 90 countries, ICF is the voice of the global coaching profession. The Consciousness Coaching® Academy was the first South Africa-based coaching curriculum to achieve the ICF’s highest accreditation – the Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) which speaks to our alignment to the ICF’s definition of coaching, code of ethics and core competencies, and which meet the body’s professional standards.

Starting Your Journey As a Consciousness® Coach

Each module is a 4-day training which dives not only into advanced communication and coaching skills (with hours of practical application, practice and mentoring), but also a continued deep-dive into self-awareness and self-emergence.

After completing the first module,Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness™), you’ll be equipped to start living more consciously with passion and heartfelt commitment to your authentic life. The Master 1 certification assures you of individual self-discovery, growth and empowerment. It will start you on the path to increased awareness, freedom of choice, passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose and the development of your personal power through integrity and the power of your word. Whatever it is that you wish to achieve through this coaching and mentoring training, whether on a personal level or with the ambition of becoming a coach, Master 1 – A New State of Consciousness ™ – is the foundation training for the entire Consciousness Coaching

Master 2 – The Expansion Process – is a powerful and liberating experience of deepening your awareness, acquiring the power to transform your reality and exploring the elegance and high impact of the creation process. The Master 2 coaching and mentoring training deals with the topics of empowering communication, forgiving and completion to support you in embracing a deeper-connection lifestyle.

Master 3: Consciousness Coaching

The quintessential coach training programme for anyone wanting to take up coaching as a career, and access a training programme that is not only globally recognised, but also celebrated as providing the most empowering, simple and effective coaching methodology available today.

An empowering, effective coach is one that can support a client to create clarity, action and self-upliftment – consistently. All of this done in a lean, and elegant way that drives accountability to self.

Additionally, Consciousness Coaches are taught not only the art of coaching in accordance with the ICF Core Competencies of Coaching, but are also taught to support clients with self-awareness tools and tools to open up self-awareness within their coachees.

At the heart of the entire curriculum though, is our passionate conviction that coaching as a way of life is a crucial opportunity for all to access methods of communicating and empowering the people in our lives.

Most of our participants see this. This means that whether you choose to sign-up to a coaching career, or access powerful communication and empowerment tools to implement in their lives – for their own expansion and the empowerment of those around them – you are making a life-changing choice; for your future.

Master 3 part 1, and Master 3 part 2 are each the third and fourth steps in our ICF ACTP coach-training curriculum and next steps in self-creation. Each part is a 4-day process, running from Thursday to Sunday.