Our Brand Inspiration

The Beyond Coaching corporate identity and logo is inspired by a mandala. Taken from the prehistoric Indian language of Sanskrit, a mandala can best be described as a circle. Mandalas are displayed by Mother Nature herself in some of the simplest, yet most profound ways, inspiring the belief in a ‘divine designer.’

The mandala symbolises the connections that exist between us and everything that surrounds us.

Mandalas can be seen in all fundamental shapes such as in snails and trees, in atoms and the solar system and in the divine bodies we call earth, moon and sun. Every mandala is related, yet distinctly unique. On a more symbolic level, the mandala is recognised in some way or another in almost every culture and religion.

For us at Beyond Coaching, the mandala lies at the heart of the Self… It is the centre of our inter-connectedness with the infinite, the entire cosmos and everything else around us. Even Carl Jung realised that mandalas were at the centre of everything and all his work led back to mandalas. It also manifests in our own conceptual circles, our friends, family and the community.

The mandala embodies a truly universal principle that is all embracing, regardless of the foundation of one’s belief. It symbolises the connections that exist between us and everything that surrounds us. Those who take the time to really look; will be able to recognise this and rejoice in our oneness with the cosmos and our rightful place in the universal flow.

The elements of our logo and their meaning

The Circle

Generally, the circle is a symbol of the universe. It represents the infinite nature and flow of energy, and has no beginning and no end.

In creation, the circular shape can be seen in the celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and the planets.

Dr. Jung viewed the circle as a geometric archetype of the psyche. When combined with a square it explains the relationship or balance between psyche and body.

In Chinese art, it stands for the union between heaven and earth.

The Square

The square is a quadripartite, as it consists of four parts. This speaks to our spatial orientation with our domain according to the four points of the compass, which signifies our unification with the circle.

Like the cross, the square also symbolises our desire to find our way in a confusing world by providing us with direction.

In addition, the square is recognised as a representation of the Earth.

We have enclosed the square with a circle. Any symbol that is shown with a circle around it, automatically asks the viewer to be drawn in and to be included in the experience of whatever symbolic message the centre may hold.

The Triangle

Triangles are seen in powerful familiar themes such as pyramids, arrows and pennants. They have great energy and power and their stable/unstable dynamic can suggest either conflict or steady strength. Triangles can direct movement based upon which way they point.

Spiritually they symbolise the religious trinity, such as: body/mind/spirit; Father/Son/Holy Ghost; mother/ father/child or past/present/future.

The triangle also represents polar variables in meanings, depending which end is up. If the point of the triangle is pointing down, it represents the female and if the point is pointing up, it represents the male. Up means passive and down represents active.

It is because of these complexities and other elements that the triangle is associated with creation and creativity.

Nature and Organic Shapes

There is no greater or more diverse source for symbolic meanings than what can be derived from Mother Nature. Our natural environment is the symbolic source of all that holds deeper meaning about whom we are and where we are headed on our life path.

Symbolic meanings in nature are predominantly derived from the flora and fauna of the earth, but are not limited to that only. Our knowing is also never limited. We are able extend our awareness out into the cosmos to draw from deeper meaning and power from it too.

The Number 4

Since the beginning of time, the number four has been a figure of completion, stability and predictability, as well as the representation of all earthly things.

In number symbolism, four is the material manifestation of three, the actual physical realisation, order and systematisation of the idea. It is the making real of the dream represented by the number three.

It is also the number of living the creation as the process. The first stable element in the periodic table is helium, with its four component particles. The first element in the table with four valence electrons is carbon, the basis of all organic life.

In the Kabbalah, a body of Jewish mystic teachings that were based on an esoteric understanding of God, there were four worlds of the ‘Tree of Life’. The Hebrew name of God also has four letters.

According to Carl Jung there are four primary mental functions. Modern science according to Carl Jung, and four dimensions of modern science: length, breadth, width, and time.

Mother Earth furthermore has four seasons and four elements: spring/summer/autumn/ winter and water/earth/wind/fire.

The Number 8

Eight is the number of perfection, a symbol of infinity or the cosmic Christ.

According to the Egyptians, it is the number of balance and the cosmic order. It is also the symbol of the incarnation in the matter which it becomes, creative and autonomous, governing its own laws.

Buddhist doctrines believe that the way to nirvana, the ultimate liberation of the soul consists of eight parts. They are: faith, the right judgement, the right language, a right and pure action, a right profession, the application of the spirit to all the precepts of the law, the right memory and the right meditation.

In mathematics the symbol of the infinity is represented by an 8 laid down.