Beyond Coaching is the fastest growing coach training institution and provider of coaching services in Southern Africa. We offer an all inclusive range of coaching- and related services for personal or corporate and organisational and enterprise development purposes.

Beyond Coaching... The fastest growing provider of globally recognised coaching
services for personal and organisational or enterprise development purposes

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We have a diverse bunch of internationally accredited coaches, committed to continuous self-development, that will be happy to have a meet and greet to asses who is best for you. Read more »
<span class="hide">2</span> Coach Training
Our personal development or life coach training forms the platform from which any person can transform his or her life and be elevated to new heights. Read more »  
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We empower you to unleash the power of your greatest business asset... The person behind every business process improvement and organisational development or change management initiative. Read more »  

Be prepared...

With our complete repertoire of coaching and related services for any people and corporate or enterprise development or change management initiative

On the personal development services side we hold the licence to run Consciousness Coaching® training from the Consciousness Coaching® Academy, the global leader in personal coaching and coach training programs. Our corporate and organisational or enterprise development services include corporate coaching programs, personal and executive coaching services, as well as tailored coaching interventions to suit any organisational or enterprise development strategy, as well as change management initiatives. Our associated corporate services include: Beyond Leadership, Beyond Diversity, Beyond Entrepreneurship. These are respectively aimed at the empowerment of leaders and small enterprise development.

Be conscious...

That every one of our personal and organisational or enterprise development programs are Powered by Consciousness™

At Beyond Coaching we are truly passionate about private and organisational or enterprise development in South Africa and in the rest of Africa. What sets us apart is that our business, every single Program, all our services and all our people are Powered by Consciousness™. Consciousness creates an awareness which enables you to see how your choices impact you, the environment and everything around you. This is proving to be the most sustainable and effective manner of unlocking maximum human capital potential, backed by the latest research and findings as well as the results that we have achieved for a myriad of blue chip companies already. It is also what is ultimately at the centre of the success of any business process re-engineering, enterprise development, or change management initiative.

Be morally upright...

At Beyond Coaching we guide you to act with integrity

At Beyond Coaching we follow the Consciousness Coaching® methodology which is to ‘do what you said by when you said you would do it’ and we guide our clients to do the same. The result is that we do not necessarily tell our clients what they would like to hear, but what is important for them to hear. Through skilful, dynamic questions we guide our clients to achieve their goals in a manner that is rooted within integrity. We ultimately lead our clients to always ask: ‘Is this the right way of doing it, have I taken the higher ground?’... And: ‘How does this decision impact me, my environment and everyone else around me?’

Be smarter, revolutionise, evolve...

To achieve the ultimate in personal and corporate or organisational and enterprise development:

At Beyond Coaching we enable people to go beyond perceived limitations, to gain clarity and focus, to conquer their own ‘shortcomings’, to make more insightful, sensible decisions, to lead others responsibly and with confidence, to be more creative and productive, have more constructive interpersonal relationships and communication, to come up with their own solutions for that what appears to be impossible, to function optimally at all times, to transform their lives... and ultimately to continue to grow and evolve beyond imagination. This is done through a holistic approach that combines groundbreaking research, proven teachings and principles of the greatest Eastern and Western philosophers and foremost business leaders from around the world.